The studio edit - September - The Ivy League

"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address" - Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail.

September makes me feel the same way, having spent longer than most in university, with five years under my belt. I want to buy notebooks, pencils and think about sprucing up my new dorm room. So here's the Ivy League inspired Studio Edit with more than a nod towards the light academia aesthetic.

Mrs Francis Howard Print - Musee Home

This serene lady was painted by Ambrose McEvoy in 1916 and is now available as a print as part of the wonderful selection from Musee Home. Imagine this hanging in the hallowed halls of some ancient institution, or perhaps just in your own bedroom or hallway.

Vintage Art Deco Brass Greyhound - Hound Collectables on Etsy

Not only have I discovered a store that stocks vintage hound memorabilia, but within it this perfect Art Deco figurine. I'm a sucker for all things hound related since we adopted our rather large bundle of joy, make it vintage and I'm completely sold. Perfect for any dog lover and mildly trophy like - perhaps for "best dog?"

Royal Vale Green Star Trio - ARNteashop on Etsy

Every bookworm needs a suitable recepticle for their favourite hot drink when it starts getting a touch colder. This bone china tea cup has such a simple but striking pattern and includes a plate for your biscuit or slice of cake. The gold rims elevate it to being just that bit extra special, it'll soon be your favourite cup for sure.

Scientific Apparatus Fragrance Candle - Puebo via The Hendersons Shop

These vegetable wax scented candles would look right at home in a science students room. The ceramic pot is reusable once you've enjoyed the scents of Patchouli and Cedar, it's perfect for storing paper clips and pins. They even come wrapped in a charming little parcel tied up with string, just like from a real apothecary.

Jess Wheeler x Alex Eagle Tablecloth - Alex Eagle

This fallen leaves table cloth would be the perfect backdrop to a harvest table laid with natures bounty. Jess' work aims to remind us of the beauty and fragility of the natural world, which I think is even more poignant at this time of shift in the seasons. Style it up with vintage cutlery, foliage and handpainted plates.

Conversation Piece - Eagle & Hodges

What is described as "the perfect entertaining sofa" - this stunning green mohair velvet upholstered beauty is a dream piece. It looks like its escaped from the most luxurious art gallery, just add glamorous, cocktail toting guests.

Puglian Pomegranate - Bettina Ceramica

I've been listening to a fantastic podcast on Greek myths recently (I know, how very academia aesthetic of me), and this sweet little ceramic pomegranate reminded me of Persephone eating the pomegranate seeds that tied her to Hades. Made by a family run business in Ostuni, Puglia that's been going since the 1970s, this fun little sculpture would look perfect styled with ancient books and perhaps an antique bust. Also, what a fantastic going away gift for a classics student heading to university for the first time.

Paper Notebook made from plans - Sukie

It is back to school season after all, so I couldn't finish this Edit without including some stationary. I think a lot of people have a thing for notebooks and this rescued paper number appeals as someone who basically looks at plans all day. Made from technical engineering plans dating to the mid 20th century, it would look right at home alongside a scale rule and a strong cup of coffee.

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