The Studio Edit - February

For this month it's all about keeping cosy and calm. Our homes are our castles, particularly at the moment, and these finds should warm the soul and lift the spirit until we can make it to spring.

1. Philip Bradley Log Basket

Always keen to support local craftspeople, this basket is handmade in Cumbria from homegrown willow and would be perfect stacked high with logs next to our new fireplace. It comes in three sizes so ideal for any room, big or small.

2. Little Lakeland Soap Company Reed Diffusers

We were gifted a Bergamot, Cypress and Ylang Ylang reed diffuser for Christmas and it smells exactly like my favourite spa at Low Wood Bay. The pure essential oils are blended to enhance mood and reduce tension and stress - perfect at the moment to soothe anxious minds.

3. Cast Iron Kettle - Gifts Of The Orient

What better way to spend Valentines day than in front of the log burner with a hot mug of tea and the one you love? Even better if your hot water is ready and waiting for you in this stylish cast iron kettle perched atop the stove.

4. Cornishware Tableware

I'm slowly building up our collection, mainly picking up bits in the fantastic seconds sales but we still need plenty of plates and bowls to make the set! My favourite colour is the classic blue but every one of their colours is a joy, bringing some light into even the greyest day. If you're missing Cornwall, check out Karina's stories over on Instagram for some seaside escapism @cornishware_artist

5. Boot Scraper - BreachNow on Etsy

It's a never ending battle keeping mud out of the house at the moment. A boot scraper and jack would at least help us humans to keep our mucky shoes off my oatmeal (now closer to earthen) carpets! This cast iron scraper, brush and jack has this cute wellie boot detail and replaceable brushes for years of happy boot cleaning.

6. Enamel Dustpan and Brush - Labour and Wait

I'm very keen on making our day to day as beautiful as possible at the moment and this enamel dustpan and brush does just the job. The brush is made in England using natural bristles and is a vast improvement on the usual plastic supermarket variety. Labour and Wait also have plenty of other stunning household brushes, dusters, aprons, tea towels and buckets to elevate your everyday.

7. Cast Iron Cloche - Claverton Cloches

Now we are getting closer to Spring, getting out in the garden again feels like more of a possibility. Bulbs are just starting to reappear and its making me start to think about our vegetable plot this year. Protecting plants from the frost can help you get a jump start on the growing season and what better way to do it than these stunning Victorian cast iron cloches from Claverton Cloches. A proper investment for sure, but these timeless structures will protect your tender seedings for years to come and add the wonderful English country garden character year round.

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