Hi, that's me, Cathy, where you'll usually find me in a morning - on the back step, inspecting the garden with a coffee in hand. Welcome to the studio. This blog began as an Instagram account documenting the renovation of our 1930s terrace in Cumbria. It’s since grown into a creative project where I explore vintage, crafts, art, photography and slow living ideas. If you like the sound of that then keep reading!


I’ve always been captivated by buildings. I grew up visiting National Trust properties and was always enthralled by the luxurious state rooms, those enormous beds with the heavy curtains around them and the cavernous kitchens with all those plates lined up on the dresser. I am slightly obsessed with how other people live, both in the past and in the present and you will find numerous living history books on my bookshelves. The stories of how other people have spent their lives in buildings is what drove me towards working in the industry that builds and repairs them.


I am now a structural engineer and I still enjoy pouring over plan drawings, understanding how buildings have been designed and how the occupants might move around and use the spaces. I get to visit unusual places with stories very few people may have heard, as well as having a hand in saving some of these historic properties. We have also been in the process of renovating our own 1930s home for the past two years, and whilst its slow progress, I love learning about our home, it’s history and how it’s put together.


Crafts, vintage and art are passions that feed quite nicely into our renovation. I love handmade and second hand items, I feel like they have so much soul. All those hands that have made or used or passed them on, giving each item it’s own little story. There isn’t much I love more than spending a Saturday browsing round an antiques shop, crocheting on the sofa with the dog snuggled up to me or sat painting in the garden with a glass of wine.



All these things have led me to offering the vintage sourcing service. Taking time over the things we choose to bring into the house, choosing second hand or vintage is such an antidote to the fast paced, fast fashion and disposable life we can easily slip into. Not everyone has the time to scour the auctions, antique shops and online offerings so let me do that for you! Click through to the Services page if that sounds like something you'd be interested in. Even if you're not in your forever home just yet, the things you choose now can be with you for years to come.